Recovering Missing Children Act Amends 1986 Internal Revenue Code


H.R. 3209, also known as the Recovering Missing Children Act, was given approval by the Senate today. Robert Casey Jr, D-PA, spearheaded the effort, with the support of Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, and Mike Enzi, R-WY.

The legislation amends Section 6103(i)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, granting The IRS the ability to share tax return information with law enforcement in cases of missing or exploited children.

Prior to the amendment the IRS was not able to share such information due to issues of confidentiality, but its expanded power could aid in finding abducted children said Senators Casey and Klobuchar.

Oftentimes the abductor claims the child on his taxes,” said Mrs. Klobuchar. Mr. Casey told the Senate that the social security number of an abducted child turning up in these returns aids law enforcement because it will also be paired with the address of where the abductor is currently living.

A Treasury Department OIG report found that in 46% of cases, an abducted child’s social security number appeared on a tax return with that new address.

The amendment limits IRS disclosure of returns information to locating missing children.

Said Klobuchar: “This is a very narrow exception.”

by Marlon J. Ettinger



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